Fable 2 master hammer with augment slots

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Oct 29, 2008 · Fable II; How many augment slots can a Master weapon have? User Info: MoonshineJack. MoonshineJack 10 years ago #1. So far the best master weapon I've seen has had two augment slots. Is it possible to get one with 3, or are 3 augments reserved for legendary weapons? User Info: sonnymoonshine.

Katana 4 Slots Ragnarok - CETICS | IGN Having asked the same question myself about several things, I have been told that there exists a 4-slot Master anything; you just have to For Fable II on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Where I have a master katana but I can't find one w/ augment slots and I'd like to also if you have the knothole island DLC there are ... Fable II - Freeola You'll also be able to buy augments for weapons, which you can attach onto your weapon. The amount of amount of augment slots depend on the quality of your weapon. Augments give a added bonus, sometimes with a bad side effect aswell. In Fable II, You have an advanced character morphing system, compared to the first Fable. Fable 2- Where can I buy the Master Hammer with augment ... Fable 2- Where can I buy the Master Hammer with augment slots? Aaaaah frustration. >.< Follow . 3 answers 3. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? ... How do you get a 4-slot-augment master cleaver in Fable 2? Where do I get a master katana w/ augment slots in fable 2? More questions. Fable 2: weapon augment slots? ...

There are many new weapons within Fable II, some are the same, or similar, to weapons within the original Fable. Categories are listed roughly from highest to lowest attack speed. Damage points are listed in parentheses.

Word on the web is that Fable 2's recently released Knothole ... only tickle your inner Master ... 24 shots per clip and an augment slot, ... Is there a master longsword with augment slots in the game? | IGN ... Nov 4, 2008 ... Discussion in 'Fable' started by WiseGuy20, Nov 4, 2008. ... but if there is a master longsword in the game with augment slots i would definitely consider buying it again. ... Traders - Random but often Katana and Hammer. ... I have found every other master weapon with 2 slots, pistols, crossbows and all but ...

So Fable II's DLC is out. You got it yet?New Fable 2 Screens Celebrate Knothole Island's Release. The eagerly anticipated KnotholeBasically a firearm that looks identical to Halo's classic Assault Rifle, which does 59 damager per shot, fires 24 shots per clip and even has an empty augment slot.

Also, I'm using a new melee weapon - a Master Cutlass with four augment slots, which I filled with a ghoul augment and some variants of the lucky charm augment - and a new ranged weapon - my ... Master Hammer: where is it? | Page 2 | Fable Community Forums Re: Master Hammer: where is it? I got the Master Hammer with 2 aug slots one time at Bowerstone Blacksmith, I was just bored so I decided to collect Master Weapons, and *boom* it was there, I was like hey it's only 56k so I mind as well buy it too. Is there a master longsword with augment slots in the game? | IGN Boards

0 Master augmentation slots fable Hammer with allianz sport casino berlin 2 Augment Slots Ok, so, here is the deal.Master weapons, the highest, non-legendary level, have 3.. 0 Re: Corazon Serrano Casino Militar Piura. Toy..

Aug 29, 2009 · Master Hammer with 2 Augment Slots Ok, so, here is the deal. On my first playthrough of Fable 2, I found a Master Hammer and it had 2 Augment Slots. So I put augments in them and then I finished the game. But then, in my next game and all of the other games that i have played, i have never found another Master Hammer with 2 Augment Slots. Fable 2 Master Hammer With Augment Slots

Boards > Gaming > Individual Gaming Boards > Fable > Is there a master longsword ... a master with 2 slots, ... over the master cleaver if both had augment slots, ...

whats the strongest weapon? - Fable 2 Questions for XBOX… the diachi or the master cutl*** with 2 aug slots with whatever augments u like.. i got ai dont know whats the strongest weapon and i want an answer so far i have a master hammer which doesIt's been a while since I've played Fable 2, but if you download the Knothole content, there's some kind of... Demon doors | Secrets - Fable II Game Guide |… Demon doors. Bloodstone. Prize: Master Longsword (79.0 dmg). You must perfectly play the lute. Bower Lake. Prize: Lucky Charm Augment. You have to show a story (told by the Door), by using gestures in the given orderFable II Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App.